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Tooth colored composite fillings for kids

Tooth colored composite fillings can be an inexpensive and attractive way to restore a small amount of tooth decay on a child’s tooth. If your child is in need of a filling, the type of material used for the filling will depend on a number of factors, including:

The position and visibility of the affected tooth
The extent of damage to the tooth
Budgetary constraints
Allergies to certain materials, such as metals

When are tooth colored composite fillings used for children?

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities on a child’s tooth and protect the tooth from further damage, infection or decay. Even baby teeth should be salvaged whenever possible to avoid problems with permanent teeth filling in correctly. These cavities may be identified during your child’s next routine dental exam by sight or by a digital x-ray. Your dentist will let you know what options are available to fill a tooth that has been decayed. If the decay is extensive, a root canal may be needed before a filling is placed. Because of its natural, tooth colored appearance, composite fillings are typically used for visible or front-facing teeth; however, they may also be used on non-visible teeth and molars as well.

What are the benefits of tooth colored composite fillings?

There are a number of advantages of tooth colored fillings over alternatives such as gold or silver amalgam, including a more natural appearance and minimal tooth preparation in advance of the filling placement.

Natural looking:

Composite fillings are considered to be a more attractive filling alternative to gold or amalgam because the material hardens into the shade of one’s natural tooth. Therefore, tooth colored composite fillings are typically used for visible or front-facing teeth.

Minimal tooth preparation:

Composite fillings require less healthy tooth structure to be removed into order to restore the tooth compared to alternatives.

Non-metal material:

Composite fillings can be ideal for children who are allergic to metals like silver amalgam. Tooth colored composite fillings can be a great option for children. They offer an effective and natural-looking way to improve your child’s oral health and dental function by preventing the spread of infection or decay from a cavity. If your child has a cavity that needs to be filled, contact our office to see what filling options are available for your child.