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Stainless steel crowns for kids

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are typically placed over a tooth to prevent a broken or decayed tooth from further damage or infection. While many people think of dental crowns as just being a solution for cavities in permanent adult teeth, stainless steel crowns for kids and baby teeth may also be used in certain situations.

When are stainless steel crowns for baby teeth used?

It is important to try to salvage baby teeth until they are ready to fall out naturally. Primary teeth are essential for several reasons, including to chew food comfortably — thus getting children the nutrition they require — and to develop normal speech patterns. The proper maintenance of primary teeth is also important for the growth of one’s permanent teeth because baby teeth reserve the right amount of space for the permanent teeth to grow in, as well as guide them into position correctly. When a baby tooth is lost before a permanent tooth is ready to fill in, the permanent tooth may come in crooked or crowd other teeth.

When a primary tooth is decayed or damaged, a stainless steel crown can help protect the tooth from further damage until the tooth is ready to fall out naturally. These caps are also helpful to help stop the spread of infection, which can lead to other health problems in children.

Here are several different instances when a dental crown may be used to save a baby tooth:

  • When a primary tooth has extensive decay and risks falling out before a permanent tooth is ready
  • When a filling would be too large and weaken or break and baby tooth
  • When a baby tooth develops unnaturally
  • When a tooth has been severely broken
  • To fill a cavity

What are the benefits of a stainless steel crown for kids?

Stainless steel is used as the material for dental crowns in babies, toddlers and children because of its durability and biocompatibility. Because of its color, however, stainless steel crowns are typically used on molars, which are less visible in the back of the mouth. Tooth-colored alternatives may be used for front-facing teeth, including incisors and canines.

If your child has experienced tooth damage or decay – even on baby teeth – make sure to schedule an appointment with us so we can assess the extent of the damage and identify the best solution to ensure your child grows up to have a beautiful, healthy and straight smile long into the future!