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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene for a Healthier You

Many people don’t realize that poor oral hygiene leads to far greater health risk than just tooth decay. Prevention is the answer, and that begins with education and a greater understanding of the consequences of neglect. Talk with a dentist to develop a consistent dental routine for the entire family that includes annual checkups and daily care.

The Benefits of Oral Hygiene

There are many advantages to a fresh, clean mouth one-is a boost in self-confidence. You won’t worry about bad breath or avoid smiling to hide your cavities. Proper oral hygiene will reduce the number of bacteria and help prevent inflamed and bleeding gums. It will limit tooth decay and infections that can enter the blood stream and cause serious heart problems. For patients who have preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes or defective heart valves, pristine oral care is a must. Last but not least, fewer dental problems equals less pain, lower costs, and a long and healthier life.

Oral Hygiene for Adults

Periodontal gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and the primary cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene. The ever present bacteria combine with mucous to form plaque on our teeth. Brushing and flossing can remove this if frequently done. Otherwise, it hardens into tartar, and dental cleaning is the only way to remove it. If it is not removed, it causes inflammation and infections in your gums and eventually leads to the gums pulling away and the loss of teeth. Brushing your teeth minimally twice a day, along with flossing, and routine checkups will significantly reduce these occurrences.

Oral Hygiene for Kids

Start early, the sooner a routine is established, the more likely children are to maintain those good habits throughout their life time. Most of us feel babies are protected from dental problems, but the truth is they are subject to tooth decay as soon as they begin to bottle feed. Sugary liquids should be avoided and even at this young age they should have a checkup with a pediatric dentist. Using a cloth or soft brush on their tongues and teeth should begin very early. Parents need to teach children the correct way to brush and what toothpaste to use. If you aren’t sure you know, ask your dentists, they love to teach. Find a way to make it fun and do it the same time every day.

Tips to a Healthy Mouth

Annual dental checkups, proper daily oral hygiene and a healthy diet go a long way towards gaining and maintaining a healthier you. A new toothbrush should be used every two or three months. You probably wouldn’t use the same sponge to wash your dishes that long, so go ahead and splurge! Smoking is well known to cause gum disease and tooth decay, so try to quit.

It is never too late to form good dental habits, and your kids will follow your example good or bad.